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The Forgotten Giants of Denmark

The Catalyst Newspaper – Colorado Springs, CO

How To Meal Prep

So, You’re Out of Eggs: Now What?

Budget-Friendly College Meals

Meatless Meatballs and Spaghetti

Easy and Delicious Fall Recipes to Make at Home

Finding Motivation for Thesis Writing: Perspectives From Three Students

True Stories of Love, Betrayal, and Sex: A Review of “Three Women”

We’re All Feeling a Little Strange: Here’s How You Can Cure That Boredom During the Pandemic

Hike For Life – Colorado Springs, CO

Opinion: Hiking Isn’t All Fun and Games – It Can be Dangerous, Too

My Summer Internship Experience With Hike For Life

Wildfire Safety

Hygge and Cobbled Streets – Copenhagen, Denmark

How do I say this simply…

What’s the deal with all the bikers?

Living like a Dane

Blackberries & Ginger Tea & Everything you need to know about a visiting host family

Short Study Tour Week: Sweden

Exploring the City: Half-Marathon Edition

Dancing, running, eating and hiking with the locals

Tea with Rabbits: Study Tour Wednesdays

The truth about anxiety abroad

Long Study Tour Week: Amsterdam

How to manage homesickness

A Day in the life… finding home in Copenhagen

Fall Break: Venice & Budapest

A Gluten, Dairy, & Meat-Free Girl’s Guide to Surviving Copenhagen

Should you study over “study break?”

All Good Things Must Come to an End…. unfortunately.

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